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Insurance Agent Won’t Return Your Calls? You Deserve Better...

Updated: Feb 8

We’ve been getting a lot of calls from people who are frustrated with their current insurance agent, and are now seeking new options for their insurance. Although we always love to help new people, we're learning something unfortunate from these folks.  

Unreturned Calls Are Becoming a Common Problem

You may not be surprised to learn that many business owners and homeowners are seeing huge increases in the annual premium they pay for insurance.  Due to the current ‘hard market,’ this is happening to insurance consumers throughout Connecticut and throughout the nation. 

Consumers are looking to their insurance providers for guidance.  Just about everything we purchase has increased in cost and many increases have been quite sizable.  Insurance has been no exception.  The problem that we're understanding, is that many consumers are starting to feel like they’re being dodged by their agents when they want to discuss this. 

Tough But Necessary Conversations

Let’s face it, nobody likes to have this conversation.  Nobody likes to tell a client their cost is going up, no matter what their circumstances are.  With that being said, there is a good chance that your agent is in fact, avoiding your calls. 

This is NOT an okay response to the current situation, or ever.  Your insurance agent should be making every attempt to keep you informed and if possible, suggest other options or ways you may be able to reduce your cost.  At the very least, they should be returning your calls. They owe you honesty and a solid effort. 

Two More Reasons Your Insurance Agent May Not Be Calling You Back.

The insurance industry is currently at about 44% of its leadership workforce being close to retirement age.  Mergers & Acquisitions have been at an all-time high over the past few years and workforce challenges have also affected the industry.  So much transition may also be responsible for declining levels of service in many instances.

In addition, the more complicated that conducting life and business gets, the more complicated insurance becomes.  If an agent or an agency isn’t committed to constant learning, the evolving insurance needs of residents and business owners becomes much more challenging for the agent to keep up with.

The V.F. McNeil Insurance Difference

Simply stated, we treat you the way we would want to be treated.

Our 138-year-old reputation has been guided by a commitment to our clients, our staff, our community, and to continuous education for our staff. 

This translates into our clients being better educated.  This empowers our clients to make informed decisions about their protection needs.  In turn, our clients feel confident that what they’ve built in life will be protected no matter what tomorrow brings. Our clients feel reassured that our team will be in their corner.

Contact V.F. McNeil Insurance today to experience the difference yourself. (203) 481-2684.

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