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Standard Home and Auto Insurance Vs. High-Value Home and Auto Insurance.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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It’s not unusual for high-net-worth individuals and families to be unaware that their lifestyle truly requires home and automobile insurance that is just as unique as the things that they’ve worked so hard for.

Typically, a high-value home is a residential condo or house that has a replacement cost of at least $750,000.00. According to an article by Trulia, shared on the Hanover Prestige website, more than 3 million homes in the US are worth at least $1 Million. These high-value homeowners have more complex asset protection needs, which makes the quality of their home, auto, and umbrella insurance crucial to their financial protection. Many of these clients are unfortunately placed into the standard, structured home, auto, and umbrella insurance coverage packages.

Without proper consultation, those with much more to protect, can have substantial coverage gaps and be at risk if they do not have the proper coverage tailored to their unique needs. High-Net-Worth clients need an insurance provider and agent who understands their lifestyle and who could provide the appropriate care and coverage solutions they need.

High-net-worth clients often own high-value homes, along with high-value or luxury vehicles. They may also have domestic staff, secondary homes, luxury recreational vehicles, a lifestyle that can often expose them to more risk, high-value collectibles, and fine jewelry and even clothing.

High-value home insurance offers added protection for upscale homes and comes with more flexibility, as well as more personal service and care. For example, many policies come with a dedicated claims team, access to high-quality service providers, expanded coverages built-in, higher available liability limits, broader coverage options for luxury vehicles, and the experience and guidance this unique client needs to advise them on additional coverages like worker’s compensation insurance, employment practices liability insurance, and recreational vehicle insurance designed for luxury options.

To learn more about protecting your assets as a high-net-worth individual or family, contact the team at V.F. McNeil Insurance for an appointment. We have access to several fine insurance carriers specializing in the high-net-worth client and have the collective experience you need to get you the right insurance from day one®. We can be reached at (203) 481-2684 or by using our Appointment Request Form.


The right insurance from day one®

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