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Personal Umbrella Insurance - A Crucial Coverage for Accomplished People

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Your successful and accomplished life style has you going in many different directions.  On a personal level, those directions include things like travel, entertaining, attending benefits, volunteering, and more.  In addition, you've often got business on your mind.  Because of who you are, what you do, and where you go, you assume more risk and need more protection to safeguard your assets.  

That's where personal umbrella insurance comes in.  This very important coverage steps in when the underlying limits of liability on a home or auto insurance policy are exhausted due to a covered claim.  

Claim Scenarios

An accident occurs with multiple people and you are at fault.  Each of the four people in the other vehicle all need serious medical attention.  An at fault accident happens with another driver, who happens to be a surgeon.  She sustains injuries to one of her hands which puts her out of work.  Someone attending one of your cocktail parties has a bit too much.  They fall into the pool, but hit their head on the way down, causing head trauma.  They almost drown as everyone is distracted by the festivities.  A guest's child wanders off and finds your greenhouse, accidently consuming a dangerous chemical that looked like a drink.  Emergency response is required.  

These are only a few examples of claims with extreme cost for legal defense and settlement, resulting in the need for a personal umbrella policy after the limits of liability were exhausted on the underlying insurance policy.  

Regardless of how diligent and safety conscious we are, accidents happen.  An above average lifestyle comes with a greater probability of risk and truly requires above average protection.   

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An established, close relationship with your insurance agent can ease your burden so you can focus more on living your life worry free no matter what tomorrow brings.

Benefits of an Umbrella

An umbrella can be a nice buffer to your risk management plan. An umbrella:

  • Extends the coverage across your existing policies

  • Is normally less expensive than raising limits on individual policies

  • Can broaden your coverage once the umbrella kicks in (less restrictive language)

  • Has coverage options from $1 million to $10 million

  • May offer over $10 million in coverage (when underwritten by specialty insurance companies)

  • Extends coverage on defamation and other clauses named in your policies

  • Helps with legal fees and judgment costs

  • Allows insurance companies to negotiate a settlement


Unfortunately, lawsuits happen; if you're sued, your home and auto limits may not be enough to protect you . Thankfully, plenty of asset protection is possible when you put an umbrella over your policies. Easy.



Contact us today for a review of your risk.  Request an appointment online, or call 203-483-2988 | 203-481-2684.  We're happy to help!  

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